Raku Dream Jar

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Please Note: This jar has fingerprints in the patina that are permanent and affect the appearance. SALE IS FINAL.

Ancient Japanese pottery technique meets modern SouthWest spirit.

Raku is an ancient pottery technique.  The process of Raku involves taking pottery  out of a kiln while it is still re-hot.   It is then placed into containers containing combustible materials that ignite.  The results are incredible dream like finishes that are one of a kind and never to be duplicated.

These dream catchers have a metal coil under the lid there for a very special purpose.  Write down your dreams and scroll them up and tuck them safely inside the coil.   Here your dreams will stay safe and by doing this add to clarity, intention and manifestation. 

Large Raku Dream Jar 11' Antler Lid w/Copper Wire and Turquoise