Briscoe Wooden Train Whistle

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One of the sweetest sounds that can be heard out in the West is the lonesome whistle of a train in the distance.

This wooden train whistle recalls the sounds of an old-time steam locomotive.  Train whistles were important communication tools for warning that the train was about to start up, stop or approach a crossing.  This also informed the passengers what the train was doing next.

If you were on the tracks and you heard a series of short toots well, that means you better get moving and get off those tracks!

Now, back up!  That would be three short toots.  Toot! Toot! Toot!

Our palm sized wooden whistle measures about 6" x 1" x 1 1/2" and has our distinct logo printed in black and an elegant iron horse, um, steam engine locomotive expressing some musical notes while riding along the track.  Made here in the USA (Charleroi, PA) - woot woot!