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Colt Miniature Porcelain Figurine

Colt Miniature Porcelain Figurine

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It's a baby boy!

A baby horse less than a year old is called a "Foal".

All colts are foals but not all foals are colts.

Some of the foals may be females and they are referred to as "fillies".  Only a male baby horse less than 4 years old is called a "Colt".  

The Morgan Horse is one of the earliest breeds developed in the United States, named after Justin Morgan, a famous owner.  They are a compact, refined horse with an expressive head and well arched neck.

These are adorable, collectible carded miniature porcelain figurines, about 1.75 " high or long depending on the shape of each animal. Each is hand crafted and hand painted by skilled artisans - using brushes only a few hairs thick - to represent the unique color and detail of each animal. 

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