"Shakes" Rattlesnake Miniature Figurine

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I can't remember where in Texas "Shakes" is from but I can still recall the chill I got the first time I heard that rattle.

Texas alone has eight species of rattlesnake.  The western diamondback rattlesnake - or Texas diamond-back - is found in the southwestern United States and Mexico.  Dark blotches on the snakes back give it the common diamond-back name but the 4 - 6 black bands on the tail gives it the nickname "coon tail".

These are adorable, collectible carded miniature porcelain figurines, about 1.75 " high or long depending on the shape of each animal. Each is hand crafted and hand painted by skilled artisans - using brushes only a few hairs thick - to represent the unique color and detail of each animal.