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Shoot Me Straight Long Tall Silk Scarf

Shoot Me Straight Long Tall Silk Scarf

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The Shoot Me Straight is a print from American Dakota Rugs. Fringe Scarves started working together with them last summer after seeing the great designs this company does. After looking through their designs, all we could see is how amazing they would look on a scarf. This Long Tall 12mm Satin Silk scarf has great fall and winter colors! Timber Creek Mercantile is so excited to offer the 'Shoot Me Straight' prints in both the rugs we carry, as well as the silk scarves!

  • SIZE: 35" x 35" (The Long-Tall)
  • FABRIC: 100% 12mm Satin Silk
  • COLOR: Black, grey and white
  • CARE SUGGESTION: Dry clean preferred. Iron on silk setting or use steamer.

Tips: Great on gals or guys. This one looks perfect with denim or transfers over to a suit jacket flawlessly.

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