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  • West Starts Here

    Many cities claim to be the birthplace of the West, but without San Antonio and South Texas, the West as we know it wouldn’t exist. Step inside the Briscoe Western Art Museum to experience the art and artifacts that bring the stories that shaped the West to life.

  • Housed in History

    Nestled on the banks of the San Antonio River Walk, the museum’s main building served as San Antonio’s original public library in the 1930s followed by the Hertzberg Circus Collection and Museum in the 1980s. Then finally becoming the Briscoe Western Art Museum in 2013.

  • Our Mission

    Through the preservation of the art, history, and culture of the American West, the Briscoe Western Art Museum inspires and educates the public with engaging exhibitions, educational programs, and public events reflective of the region’s rich traditions and shared heritage.

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