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Briscoe Wooden Tic Tac Go Game

Briscoe Wooden Tic Tac Go Game

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The tent is pitched, the campfire is glowing and well tended, the grub is simmering and you're ready to settle into camp.

It's time to play Campfire Tic Tac Go!   Reach for the drawstring pouch, the one with the distinct Briscoe logo printed on it in black, and let the games begin.  The pouch measures 8" x 6" and the the "board" is printed right on it (4" x 4")!

Yes, sir, the board is ON THE BAG and the wooden game pieces (10) are conveniently inside.  Game pieces are marked with an X, or cross of axes or O, or open campfire.  Choose the power of fire or the strength of the axe and use your best strategy to win!  

This fun and portable pastime is made right here in the USA.  Did you know the ancient Egyptians also played Tic Tac Toe?   Possibly even while camped next to The Sphinx.

Alrighty, who's game?


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