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Carico Lake Turquoise Row Bracelet Herman Smith

Carico Lake Turquoise Row Bracelet Herman Smith

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Herman Smith is known for his heavy and distinctively stamped jewelry set with natural turquoise. He creates ingot style bracelets with deep stamp work in the tradition of the old master silversmiths of the Navajo Nation. Which is seen in this Carico Lake Row Bracelet. However what gives the bracelet its unique Turquoise color is that the Turquoise is mined in Carico Lake Mine. The Carico Lake Turquoise Mine is located south of Battle Mountain in Lander County, Nevada. This mine produces beautiful blue Turquoise but is most known for its spectacular shades of lime green colored gemstones. This fabulous lime green coloration is actually caused by a close relative of Turquoise mineral called faustite, the combination of faustite and zinc associated with the Turquoise creates one of the most beautiful coloration effects in American Turquoise that has ever occurred in nature. The Carico Lake Turquoise Mine also produces very rare psuedomorph clams that have been fossilized with Turquoise - this Turquoise is very rare and very expensive.

Bracelet measures 2.3x1.8x1 with a 1" gap


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