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More Than: Expanding Artist Identities From The American West

More Than: Expanding Artist Identities From The American West

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More Than: Expanding Artist Identities from the American West focuses on works of art created throughout the American West, the U.S. Southwest border, and parts of Canada, viewing how artists embrace various parts of themselves and incorporate these identities into their works of art.

An artist’s individuality and perceptions offer complex, noteworthy, and rich histories that can be frequently overlooked. This exhibition, therefore, explores how works of art speak to the ways artists assume multiple roles, serving as not only as a creator of artwork, but as community members, partners, caregivers, storytellers, knowledge bearers, activists, immigrants, and countless positions not always evident. Taking a critical look at disparate statistics of artist representation in museums, More Than centers on artists who are women, people of color, and persons of intersectional backgrounds. In doing this, TMA engages in a conversation to address inequities and explore opportunities to create a more inclusive interpretation of the American West.

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