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Rio Ruby Invents the Pecan Pie

Rio Ruby Invents the Pecan Pie

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Have you ever wondered where pecan pies come from? Join Rio Ruby and her sidekick, Andre the Armadillo, on their tall tale adventures as they find out!

Rio Ruby makes the yummiest pies this side of the Rio Grande, but one day after she's closed her pie shop, she finds out that she's almost out of ingredients. Even worse, all the animals seem to have eaten all the pie-worthy fruit! So, with Andre at her side, she sets out to find a new ingredient to invent a new kind of pie, but one just as delicious and yummy.

Though fictional, Rio Ruby Invents the Pecan Pie is an educational tall tale chock-full of interesting pecan facts for young children and early readers, and it provides a recipe in the back for children and their parents to make their very own pies. Families together will love the story (and the fun sidekick!). Written by Briscoe's talented employee Robin Davis.

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