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The Navajo Wars 1962-2008

The Navajo Wars 1962-2008

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“This brilliant and exciting new book, by the venerated Santa Fe artist Billy Schenck, has arrived at the absolutely perfect time in the national life. He has found the ideal corrective, in an utterly unique conceptual work of art that satirizes one (very real) war built upon a false premise with another, created entirely as a work of the imagination.

Throughout the late 20th century, Latin American writers such as the Nobel laureate Gabriel Marquez, who were oppressed by corrupt, lawless regimes across their continent, similarly used magical realism to conflate fact and fiction, and often with comic approaches such as Schenck employed here.

Truly, we now live in a dystopian anti-world, and are entering an Orwellian period in our long, fabled, and entertaining history. As usual, only transcendent art can save us. Bill Schenck is a national treasure. His fantastic new book, a lively and well-wrought mixture of parable, allegory, and myth, is the perfect illustrated tale for our chaotic and deeply troubled times.” ~ John A. Murray, Executive Director, United States Literary Award Program

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